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Thread: The FPV Freedom Coalition

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    The FPV Freedom Coalition

    So the FPV pilot community is finally forming a grassroots advocacy group and I hope to see everyone support it and get behind a single effort to fight for our rights and freedoms to fly FPV.

    Mission statement draft:

    "The FPV Freedom Coalition fosters the freedoms of recreational FPV pilots, enhances our culture through defined safety guidelines and effective educational resources while protecting the privilege to access abundant airspace."

    Chad Kapper: "
    FPV pilots want to be recognized as an organized group and to be included in discussions regarding regulations of hobbyist fliers. Representing the FPV pilotís best interest is our number one goal!

    We want to remove the fear of flyingÖ I donít mean the physical fear. Iím talking about the fear of the unknown rules, regulations and laws. I have found there is a tremendous gap between the perception of the law and the actual laws about flying FPV. We will develop educational materials and campaigns that remove unfounded fears keeping people from joining this amazing hobby!

    Soon we will be developing a set of safety guidelines along with the community we can agree upon.
    Most importantly FPVFC wants to make our interests know to the government in the most effective manner possible. Itís important for government discussions to include facts, not scare tactics."

    Facebook Group

    Discord internal working group for those interested in getting their hands dirty to help us
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    We have created a form for those wishing to officially join us and help with any of the FPVFC committees we are creating. Here is brief description of each one.

    The Education Committee - Analyzes education issues, designs curricula where needed, develops training materials, implements training activities and evaluates the results.

    The Public Relations Committee - Responsible for our lobbying efforts, creating our voice and branding and managing our fundraising efforts.

    The Financial Management Committee - Provides financial and legal oversight for the FPVFC and applies resources from donors to the plans formed within the education and public relations committees.

    The Safety Committee - Responsible for creating and maintaining the FPVFC safety guidelines and risk mitigation policies of the FPVFC.

    Please fill out the form by clicking the link below and help us fight for the freedoms of recreational FPV pilots starting today!
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    You should also publish your proclamation here:

    Unfortunately FPVLab is almost dead.

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