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Thread: Just got Vision+ 5" FPV 5.8Ghz Goggles (EachineVR009 rebadge) looking for advice...

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    Just got Vision+ 5" FPV 5.8Ghz Goggles (EachineVR009 rebadge) looking for advice...

    Hi to all I'm new here and completely new to FPV

    Got the chance to pick up some VISION+ 5" FPV 5.8GHz Goggles *DIRT CHEAP* these were too cheap to refuse!
    They are 40 Channel (from Ch1 = 5.645 Ghz to Ch40 = 5.945 Ghz)

    I heard these goggles are a rebadge of EACHINE VR009 goggles, and also called 'Hunter' goggles in some places

    Now I need to get some advice on a camera/tx to fit into my flying wing that will be compatible...

    I see the headset is 800x480 resolution, 16:9 format display. So I am guessing anything more than a 720p resolution camera is really wasted here?

    What I need to know is;

    What is maximum resolution the receiver integrated in the goggles will support?

    What resolution camera do you guys recommend?
    Is 720p overkill (if it's supported) or can image quality still be improved by a higher res camera?

    What is the best FOV angle for the camera to suit 16:9 and flying wing application?

    What specs on camera should I look for?
    Obviously the camera is a BIG part of the overall FPV experience! Wouldn't want to skimp on really cheap camera and get blurry, fuzzy/snowy black and white, massive field of view angle pictures - all the above I don't want or need

    Note: I want to use PAL format as I'm in UK, and the AV Out might go to DVR to post online

    I understand that I need a camera + 5.8Ghz transmitter, is there anything I need to look for in the transmitter side, to make sure its compatible with these goggles?

    Ideally the camera and 5.8Ghz AV txm might be integrated?

    I guess this lot (the stuff in the plane) needs power! What is typical voltage range? can I just feed it +5V from spare channel on receiver (or bind channel)? or do you recommend dedicated battery?

    Lots of question I know! But like I said I'm totally new to this

    Thanks in advance for your help
    Noobie Steve

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    Well, due to complete lack of replies (and the fact that I am really impatient, I wanted to get this tested and working ASAP) I ordered the following Video Txm and camera...

    EACHINE VTX03 Mini video transmitter

    Runcam Eagle 2 800TVL camera

    Thought the EACHINE transmitter was a good idea, because the goggles are a clone of EACHINE VR009, so compatibility should be OK (in theory)

    Read some reviews on the Eagle 2 camera, which said it was a really good cam for FPV flying (it's not the PRO version) so I got the fixed 16:9 ratio camera to match my goggles

    Transmitter and camera both came with mini cable harnesses. Unfortunately the plug on the Video TX going to camera was slightly different size and wouldn't fit : (

    On the camera to video txm cable, there are just 3 wires, both sides had same colours and clear labels with same functions - so cut soldered and sleeved them together... on the video txm side the wires are soldered to the PCB, so these go directly to the cable supplied with camera with plug that fits!

    On the power cable side, 2 wires red/black (pretty obvious what those do) come from the video txm. cut the socket off and soldered on a cut down servo extension cable (with socket cut off) matching the red and black colours - with white signal wire cut back

    Wired it all up, and laid it out on the table. Plugged the power side into the VCC/BIND output from my receiver. Fiddled around with the small switch on the VTX03 transmitter, to set the Channel, Freq Group and Txm power. I chose channel A, 1 and 25mW to start with.... so blue LCD 7 segment was flashing 1, A, -... all good there

    Plugged in the goggles and tried an auto channel sweep, they did lock on to some kind of signal. But it was a messed up jarred black and white bunch of jagged lines???

    After messing around for 15 minutes, trying to get the goggles to tune in to the signal. I decided to see if the camera settings via OSD might help (if I could see them!). So I plugged in the little keypad/joystick adapter that comes with the camera, put the lens cap on the camera, and I could see what looked like slightly messed up text...

    Turns out that I had already set my goggles to PAL format, and the camera arrived set to NTSC! Luckily I could just see a jagged blurry NTSC, so I flicked the keypad down to that, and changed it to PAL, saved & exit.... took off the lens cap and.... BINGO!!!! Crystal clear image : )

    Of course I COULD have just switched the goggles to NTSC which looking back would have been easier! NTSC/PAL - Definitely something to bear in mind here for beginners! If you get no signal/messed up signal then try swapping to other format...

    The OSD menus for the camera were obviously a lot easier to read after getting everything set to the same PAL standard, so I messed around with the settings to tune the image to my taste. The WDR (wide dynamic range) of the Eagle 2 camera is really good! Out in bright sunlight, with good sharp, natural looking image, I can still see a lot of detail inside my house through the door and inside is a *lot* darker. Without the WDR setting on, that area inside the house is just a black square. Impressive...


    So, my FPV setup is up and running, I have impressed myself!

    Total investment

    Goggles 40
    Video Tx 16
    Camera 40
    Total 96

    So for less than 100 I have a HD, high res pair of goggles with a high spec camera and flexible video txm

    All in, I'm really happy with it all. Just need to get it mounted on the wing and flying!


    Just one question for you more experienced FPV'ers. The camera and video txm did get pretty warm after 15 minutes static testing 'on the bench' with no cooling air flow. Air temp here yesterday was about 28 DegC / 82 DegF so not cold! Is that normal???

    Noobie Steve

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    Hmm - I'm not much help on 5.8 --- I've never flown 5.8 at all actually.
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    Eagle is great cam, good choice, you need to upgrade your antennas if you haven't already. That transmitter has a linear polarized, the goggles have a circular polarized. Replace all because the ones shipped with the goggles are utter shite!

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    Hi, thanks for that. The transmitter has some sort of mini push fit connector (edit I found out it's an IPEX connector)? Can you get antennas for that?

    So I need to get matched RH/LH circular polarising antennas? Can I get some sort of adapter for the transmitter small connector?

    Can you recommend good antennas?

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    That's also called a U.Fl connector, you can find adapter cables in various lengths on eBay and vendors such as Aloft Hobbies. Just search ufl to sma or similar.

    For transmit, I like the VAS Ion antennas, they have a little more gain than most omni-directional ones.

    Pagoda antennas are made from circuit boards, so are more durable than bent wire omnis, and work well for send or receive. Not much gain though.

    Aomway, from Banggood, has a well recommended 4 lobe omni that's inexpensive.

    If you are going to fly in a particular direction, or stay in an area in front of you, then higher gain patch and helical antennas may work for you, but there's a risk of losing video signal if you fly out of the cone of reception. 3 turn helicals offer a nice balance of boost, range bump, and reception pattern. They are also durable and small enough to mount on the goggles.

    You hafta know your antenna connectors, this pic will help.

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