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Thread: 4 years of being away from FPV - help apprecited

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    4 years of being away from FPV - help apprecited

    Hi guys,

    Glad to be back in the community. I can see many things have changed so I was wondering if any gurus could help me out.

    Goal> have a fast quadcopter so that it can respond well to winds, good video link signal.

    I want it mostly for proximity flying. What does that mean? It means getting up a mountain slope and then soaring nearby cliffs and trees, yeah its a

    bit risky but this is why my main goal is to have a really good video system so that I don't loose signal when it most matters.

    Quadcopter needs to last at least 4-5min (juicing it) in the air to get some good distances and then come back (prob no more than 2-3km).

    I've been told that new 5.8 technology with diversity has gotten very good. I also see there is a new frequency "3.3" and wanted to ask if anyone has tested it with obstacles and what not.

    I still have both my Blackout copters, the quad and the hex. Just wondering if I should change them from 3s to 4s as I see this is like a new standard.

    In general my main concern is not loosing video link, any recommendations are well received!



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    Hi and welcome back,

    I think that the main improvements for the 5.8 diverstiy rx are in multipath elemination. But if you fly out of LOS with 5.8 GHz far out you will still have problems. I would not recomend 3.3 GHz since this is not a ISM Band and it's not legal to use this band. We (=the fpv hobby) have enough problems already so we should stay on the legal frequencies.
    You probably want to use crossfire to get the 3km range and a good directional rx antenna for your video feed.

    You could look at the TBS oblivion quad as reference since it seems to have the features you are looking for.

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