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Thread: Troubleshooting vortex 150 video issue

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    Troubleshooting vortex 150 video issue

    Trying to figure out why there is no video feed from this vortex 150.

    Less all blink up indicating all systems are functional.

    Itís sufficient power

    It connects to beta flight an vortex config.

    Any suggestions or additional test You guys would recommend to narrow down the problem.

    Com on vortex community donít let me down!

    Happy flying!

    Hereís a video of the issue

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    I found your post after searching for answers to a similar problem. I have the Vortex 150 purchased a few months ago from FliteTest. Out of the box everything worked like a champ and still does with the exception of the video. This is my very first quad so that being said it has had some good tumbles but nothing has been broken like cracked carbon fiber, or VTx antenna mount for example. I initially setup the startup sound to Mario Bros. but recently plugging it in I noticed the tone had changed and was delayed. Before I would get the beginning of the Mario tone almost instantly and watch the tail lights go from green to red. Now I get the tail lights from green to red but get a two tone beep long after. It still flies like before but no video feed.

    Any ideas?

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