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Thread: 1.3 Yagi antenna results ?

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    1.3 Yagi antenna results ?

    On my 1.3 Ground Station, I'm using a VAS Pepperbox and Cloverleaf antennaes with the Eagletree diversity receiver. When the cloverleaf antenna is used, the picture is crystal clear, when the Pepperbox is used, there is snow in the picture. Makes at times hard to see through.

    Looking at FPV Pro yagi antenna to replace the Pepperbox.

    As I understand it, this is a VERY directional antenna, more so than the Pepperbox ? Has anyone here used both and can report on how directional it is ? The yagi boasts clear pictures in its description page.

    So far, my max range is 8 mile on the present set up, picture is blurry at end.

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    I was using a Blue Beam clover antennas but decided I wanted to fly lower so went to this
    I had seen good things an with a modified QAV540G Drone I have flown out 2.1 miles at only 450 ft. altitude using 400 mw transmitter. Much better than with a Blue Beam mad mushroom on the receiver (which worked if I flew a lot higher). With current setup I think I can easily make 4 miles which ainít bad for a drone that size.

    You need to look at specs for each antenna What is gain of each. Each should specify angles for max. gain. Lot of people like patches and pepper boxes. I had a Sniper for 5.8 I also. I liked so when I switched to 1.3 and found same type antenna with good reviews tried it.

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    You should be able to go much further than 8 miles with a Pepperbox so I would suggest that either the antenna has been damaged or your setup needs some attention.

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