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Thread: Need advice for extending Pepperbox sma cable (2.4 Ghz)

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    Need advice for extending Pepperbox sma cable (2.4 Ghz)

    I want to mount the Pepperbox to an telescoping pole and keep the TBS ground station down at eye level so the screen can serve as an OSD reference before arming/flying as well as a backup or bystander FPV screen.

    Can I get or make an extension of 10 feet preferably (5 feet minimum) without attenuating the signal significantly?

    And on a related note: Is there such a thing as an amplifier to boost a signal to make up for loss? If so I could rig up a permanent Rx on my rooftop to fly around my neighborhood!

    In a perfect scenario I'd have an array Pepperboxes to give me 360 degrees of above treetop long range reception...can that be done?
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    Extending the antenna cable 10' would likely cause some issues, that length plus any connections will cause some loss. It's better to extend the video cable, can you put a receiver with the antenna and just run a vid extension into the ground station?

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    The TBS groundstation has a screen built in so to put it up in the air with the Pepperbox puts it out of eyesight for the screen. Also the groundstation has a cable that can power the Fatshark goggles as well as provide a video signal so no battery or antenna needed for the goggles which makes it very comfortable. I was going to make use of that functionality if I can bring the groundstation down to where I will be....
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