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Thread: Question about my new HDO's

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    Question about my new HDO's

    My new HDO's have an A character and a oscillating line on the left center of the screen. What does it mean and how do I cancel it?

    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Any chance you can take a pic of this? And a reminder, don’t use any flash.
    Do you have any cam on when you saw this?

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    I'll try to figure a way to take a picture and post it. The A character and horizontal line are overlaid on the picture being sent by the camera. I wish I had a different receiver module to try. The RX module I'm using is a LeForge. When I'm at the field tomorrow I'll see if I can try another RX module. Thanks for your reply.

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    Problem solved. The Image on my screen is being generated by my LaForge VRX. Now I just need to learn how to use the LaForge VRX.

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