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Thread: can the RF Meter be used with a very directional antenna as a quad finder?

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    can the RF Meter be used with a very directional antenna as a quad finder?

    I think I read there is an attenuation device included with the Version 2 RFMeter. Can you attach the attenuator and then a directional antenna to make finding quads down in the woods etc easier?

    The LaForge modules do this by removing the omni antenna and using only a directional one and the quad finder mode reduces sensitivity, I'm thinking the ImmersionRC RF Meter could be even better at this and certainly easier to use as you are walking through the brush able to use your eyes to walk and glance at the device...
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    can the RF Meter be used with a very directional antenna as a quad finder?

    Why add attenuator? The ImmersionRC RF Meter is designed to be hooked directly to the antenna output of the tx so an attenuator is required to avoid damage to the meter. When picking up the radiated signal the power is minimal, so you would never see it with Attenuator. The bad news is that the RF meter is not sensitive enough to detect any signal unless extremely close to the source. I have played with it a little just a little to see. It would be really nice for somebody to make a single or set of sensitive receivers for 1.2, 2.4, 5.8 GHz with a signal strength indicator that a Yagi or helical could be connected to. May be such a thing out there but I have not found it.

    Edit: I have V1 of meter but looking at specs of V2 still believe it only works when very close to source.

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    Thanks. I was thinking the attenuator could reduce the sensitivity so a directional antenna into the attenuator, into the Rc device... would barely pick up the signal only when pointing directly at the transmitting source the way the LaForge goggle module reduces sensitivity in their 'Quad Finder' mode. I didn't realize they were talking about attenuation for direct connection purposes.

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