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Thread: Refresh the Colibri to F4 and make a FPVision in 2.4Ghz

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    Refresh the Colibri to F4 and make a FPVision in 2.4Ghz


    After all, the most inovative and best company shouldn’t be lagging behind their imitators

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    F4 is an older processor than F3. We used to fly on F4 boards before Cleanflight existed. #hype

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    Thanks for the reply!
    if F3 is better why is it Betaflight has to disable features in recent F3 versions that the F4 versions can use?
    I read that the F3 is limited in processing power compared to F4 and that is why I can no longer use a UBLOX GPS on F3 boards because GPS is turned off to free space for Dynamic Filter etc.

    can you get the Betaflight team to release a Colibri version that includes GPS? Like trade Dshot for GPS since we don’t use it...or motors 5,6,7,8...?

    and can you make an FPVision with 2.4Ghz? It’s the only way to get 2.4 in some frames, like Oblivion for example.

    thanks again

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    I would also see a 2.4 vision.. but more interessting is using a ublox gps with the colibri... it looks like it is not possible without a selfmade Betaflight...
    I don´t know what will come after F3 Board.. but it seams... it will come soon..

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    I hope it comes soon but right now Trappy scoffs at F4 and F7, saying it’s hype etc.
    of course he can’t really say F3 is outdated until TBS has a newer FC product ready to sell. I’m hoping they’ll have something soon because TBS is quality stuff and an innovative company.

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