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Thread: Tango with FrSky module...PPM?

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    Tango with FrSky module...PPM?

    When using a FrSky module I had D-16 selected but that only allowed me to have 8 channels, Throttle, Aileron, Elevator and Rudder and switches A,B,C and D for channels/aux in Betaflight. I need the dials (E and F) also.

    When using my Crossfire module in the Tango I can choose 12 channel in Tango Rx setting and that enables the Dials but in the FrSky module settings there is no option...I would have thought D16 would have done it but it doesn't.

    However, selecting PPM10 instead of FrSky does enable the dials to be assigned to aux switches in Betaflight. Is there a problem with using PPM10?
    Does that make the whole system slower or something?
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