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Thread: Caveman discovers fpv

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    Caveman discovers fpv

    Just learned the world of fpv drone racing is a thing and 2 weeks later 5.28.18 I got my first drone.

    Started out with a soldering station and made a few things to go with it..

    Then I scored a gopro hero4 session with all the bells and whistles on Craigslist 2 hours later an fpv drone lot...

    Trying to figure out how to post pictures on here while posting from my phone..

    OK had to get on computer to do it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    So I brought this thing over to my brothers ranch. He put on the googles and I flew Line of site. I launched this thing in the air, mind you I have had this less than a couple of hours. It went so high and then in me correcting trying to get it to come down, I ended up jettisoning the thing into the earth at warp speed and broke a wire to the receiver.

    I took it home, replaced the receiver FS-IA6b with a FS-IA6. The reason in doing so is the IA6b I cannot get to bind with the flysky controller I have. but the IA6b binds instantly.

    I believe in the impact, It may have jostled the IA6b and rendered it not usable.. and my flight controller had to be reset as well.

    No let me state again. I literally just learned about FPV drones 5.15.2018... So all of this going on I have just learned and taught myself. I am at a complete blank page as to what I need to do to get this thing in the air again.

    I soldered the boot jumper and flashed using cleanflight with the newest NAZE32 firmware, but I am not sure where to go from there, I pray that someone who is way more experience than I am comes across this and can give me some guiding light. In the mean time I am going to browse these forums like my life depends on it and try to find some answers.

    Thank you for having me FPV LAB and I look forward to speaking with you in the future !!

    FLY SAFE ! o7

    oh yeah here is the video of me soldering the jumper port... I know its mundane but hey, it was my first time ever soldering anything like this.

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    HI Caveman i would join a FB group and you will receive an answer very fast.

    It has been a long time since i've flown with a Naze32, personally i don't think soldering the jumper port was necessary for i never had to do that when i built my first quadrotor with one, i just flashed it with latest firmware and i was good to go.

    All the best with it and hope you get airborne soon.

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    The last thing i wanted to do was destroy this delicate board that I know nothing about so I tried to flash without soldering the boot jumper.

    It errored and wouldn't go, when googling images of my board i feel like my board is an older one because it only has Rev 5 stamped on it, but it
    looked identical to a NAZE32 Rev 5 so I figured it must be.

    After I soldered the jumper it was able to flash the newest firmware on there it was running 1.14.2 from 2016 i think it was. I upgraded to 2.3.2

    other than that I still have nothing, remote FS-I6 does nothing to the drone. I am tempted to just buy another NAZE32 board and new FS-IA6B to see if in the crash landing if it just wigged my board out.

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