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Thread: Emax Hawk 5 vs xhover win5l race

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    Emax Hawk 5 vs xhover win5l race

    Ok, serious question here... Looking for a prebuilt 5" (I know, I know) but man I'm tired of building rc stuff. So I was originally dead set on a immersionrc vortex 230 mojo. But after seeing the hawk 5 reviews I got swayed to look at this wait as a serious option. After being impossible to get I really started comparing it to the xhover win 5l race edition and now I've done gone and got my self stuck not knowing the better choice. Right now I'm flying a vortex 180 and like it, an SPC Maker 100sp 2" and love it other than vtx issues. But I'm really wanting a good 5" option. Between the xhover and the hawk 5. Which would you choose and why?

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    just wanted to close this thread due to the overwhelming response. I went with the Hawk 5 and I love the quad. Threw in a spectrum receiver and I've been enjoying every aspect of it. If anyone else stumbles across this thread asking the same thing the Hawk5 was a great choice for me personally.

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