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Thread: "The COLIBRI RACE runs Cleanflight by default."

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    "The COLIBRI RACE runs Cleanflight by default."

    I've been using Betaflight to make adjustments to mine but I can't get Colibri to accept a GPS sensor assigned to UART 3.

    Can it be because I'm using Betaflight instead of Cleanflight?

    The Port page accepts the assignment and saves but then the Configuration page doesn't save the GPS settings, however after saving changes on the Configuration page it reverts to default...GPS switch toggled off...
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    I think I found the answer. It looks like GPS has been deactivated in the Betaflight versions since 3.2.x.
    The code is still there but due to Betaflight getting bigger with features like Dynamic Filters etc being added, and F3 boards being limited to the processing power their chips have, certain Betaflight features are being shut off to make room.

    It sucks though for Vendetta and Oblivion / Powercube users since stuff that needs that room like Dshot aren't of any use to us but GPS was.

    Does TBS have enough pull with the Betaflight creators to get a Colibri version of 3.3.x with GPS turned on and stuff we don't need turned off instead?

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