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Thread: Crossfire Nano RX issue

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    Crossfire Nano RX issue

    Hello, I'm a little bit lost because my nano rx worked well only one flight.
    I made the update on my micro TX to 2.24, and as soon as I've powered the nano CF freshly installed in my Rooster (with a CL racing F4 board), it automatically updates his firmware and was perfectly bound
    I made the maiden of the quad and everything went well. But the day after, when I tried to fly, the quad didn't armed.....then I saw the red led on the FC and discovered that the led button on the micro TX was blinking amber / orange, and telemetry on the screen of my taranis (x9D+) was not here.....but the nano RX had a fixed green led, even if I turn the radio off......
    Seems that the RX has lost his bind.......and I tried the restore fonction (with pushing the bind button on nano , powering it, then release (it starts flashing green quickly, but as soon as I push the button again for 9/10s, I have the fixed green led again and the TX is still "not bound" ......
    I tried updating to 2.25 ......same result.......
    What can I do? is it possible to flash it using a UART or something else (except Core or Fusion which I don't have (and I don't want to spend more money than a RX only to update the fw!)
    Thanks for your help
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