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Thread: flight Contoller upgrade options

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    flight Contoller upgrade options

    Hi all,
    its been a while since Iíve flown my Lumenier QAV250. Been mainly flying my TBS Discovery Pro and Mavic Pro.
    Iím looking for some guidance on updating the Flight controller and what options are available.

    Currently the QAV250 is fitted out with;

    1. Fury PDB, with the TBS Core for OSD
    2. T-motor 1806
    3. Afro 12a ESC
    4. Acroflight Naze32 Rev5 flight controller

    the priority is to try and keep as much of the system as possible and to update the F.C. only, but open to other suggestions, ESC replacements etc.


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    I can highly recommend the KISS FC V1.
    I would be tempted to swap out your motors and esc's, you would love the power from running 20A/30A esc's with some 2400kv cans.

    But with your current set up there's not much need for upgrading the FC only.

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    Thanks for the advise, I’ll do some research on the KISS.
    Also have a look at the costs for motor and esc upgrades.

    The micro vector also looks promising but is an expensive FC

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    The Kiss V1 is very cheap now and will blow you away.

    As long as you fly acro then your good to go.

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    +1 for KISS
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