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Thread: Can you share a video out pin multiple times between devices?

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    Can you share a video out pin multiple times between devices?

    I'm helping a friend put together a 1.3 groundstation. Right now it's just a 1.3 RX -> 5.8 VTX relay, and it is simple and fine. My ground stations have been much more elaborate, so I've always had multiple video outputs available for devices like screens and DVRs.

    My question is this:

    Is it possible to split the video out signal from the 1.3 RX and put it out to multiple devices, like a DVR or screen? Is this a bad idea - is there an impedance mismatch or something I should be aware of? A limit to the number of devices?

    (I was tempted to just try it but I did not want to casually condemn him to video issues before a large flying event.)

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    You should use a video distribution amplifier/ splitter otherwise it can degrade the signal and lose contrast etc. It will work without it between a few devices though.
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    This might be worth investing in if you want to split video and maybe power additional items.

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