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Thread: HDO's V HD3's should you upgrade?

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    HDO's V HD3's should you upgrade?

    Had a quick try of some HDO's yesterday and while there is not a huge improvement over my HD3's the little things made me like the HDO's a lot, same vTx used.

    1. Screen size matters and the difference in size from the HD3's to the HDO's was barely noticeable, after using the HD3's since they were released I was very happy with the screen size in the HDO's.
    2. Deeper black, very nice and I think made a difference when there was a bit of snow it didn't blow out as much and also meant scraggle was a bit clearer so a definite plus.
    3. Better contrast, camera adjustments and settings on the goggles still get them close but the HDO's were better, more contrasty and better colors.
    4. Ease of focus.... I always struggle with getting the screens focused perfectly due to my worn out eyes, the HDO's were a step above the HD3's and I will say that HD's never worked for me, HD2's were just usable and HD3's are very good but the HDO's are better again.
    5. Sharp, edge to edge!

    So for anyone that has HD3's and was considering the HDO's the upgrade is not huge but if any of the features above are important to you then I say go for it, you will not be disappointed.

    Will I trade in my HD3's for a set of HDO's?

    I think I will pretty much as soon as I can, many ticks in many boxes for me.

    I still also have a set of Dom V2's and have to say they are still so good, they have the full upgrade though, bulletproof and work for everyone.


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    What do you mean with your statement about the Dom V2's :-D you still like the V2's but how do they compare to the HDO?

    I still fly with my old dominator v1 (upgraded with the face plate) and I don't know if a upgrade would be worthwhile. I guess the HDO would be a really big improvement but the price is a bit high for a "would be nice" upgrade :-D

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    The difference from my dom v 3s in my IMHO is fantastic.....dont get me wrong before i had the hdos i thought my dom v 3s were the dogs danglys but now

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