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Thread: Dominator V3 and FPV Freerider

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    Question Dominator V3 and FPV Freerider

    Couple of questions about Dominator V3's and hooking to a computer, I am hoping others can confirm the issues I am seeing are expected.

    This is my first pair of FPV googles to start, so I wasn't real sure what to expect out of the box.

    1) When I have no signal at all and switch between the different display modes, the little blue box and white letters looks ok, there is some slight blur off the white letters that halo's out towards the edge of the view. Is this normal? I have played around with every variation of the IPD's I can think of and get it as clear as possible, but it's never as sharp as letters in center of view.

    2) When playing FPV Freerider the text on the buttons out toward the edges, for example "Timed Race", is almost unreadable it's so blurred. I am connecting via HDMI to a MacBook Pro Retina. Do others that use FPV Freerider have same issues using the Dom V3?

    3) If I play a HD youtube video, for the most part it looks good through googles and I really can't tell much on the blur, maybe a tiny tiny bit, but not enough to really know. I only notice it if I intensely focus on it.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Did you have to do anything other than simply plugging the goggles in to get this to work with the MBP? I can't make my Transporters work with either my 2013 or 2016 MBP at all.

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    mine is the same.

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