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Thread: Vortex mini and Spektrum SPM4649T

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    Vortex mini and Spektrum SPM4649T

    need help here. Im installing a bind SPM4649T in my Vortex 150 and there is no way for me to make transmiter transmit to the vortex. all update are up to date. i have a DX8 and in betaflight i dont see nothing moving and there is no way for me to calibrate the vortex wizard cause there is no transmiting. is there something I dont know to make it happen? I have try 2 defferent reciver, same problem ( reciver brand new out or the box).

    im lost

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    Hi, I had the exact same problem with that receiver and my brand new Vortex Mojo ARF version. Finally, I realized that the rx connector which was already connected to the board is using the 3.3 volts pin and as per the specs, the SPM4649T voltage range starts at 4 volts. I am not an expert but I am convinced that another connector is required to use the 4th pin of the board connector which is the 5 volts pin. Since I did not have that connector and could not find one quickly, I decided to buy an SPM4648 which is working on 3.3 volts. Once the new rx was installed, it worked the 1st time I tried. So, either find the good cable with the right connectors or buy the SMP4648. It does not have telemetry but is an auto-bind.

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    I too have this problem. What irks me is that the 150 Getting Started Guide (page 4) specifically lists the SPM4649T as one of the 5 recommended RXs. No compatible cables, and as mentioned, apparently different power requirements. Either ImmersionRC needs to provide us guidance on how to properly hook up this RX or let us know that it's not compatible with the 150. Guess I have to go out and purchase another Rx before I can give her a maiden flight.

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