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Thread: Fat Shark Dominator V3

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    Fat Shark Dominator V3

    I have Phantom 3 quadcopter, RCA Tablet with HDMI out, iphone/ipad HDMI adapter and Fat Shark Dominator V3 goggles.

    I have hooked uoiphone adapter to goggles, turned off RX switch, selected HDMI on goggles and get no image.

    I then die the same with RCA setting the HDMI out to 720P at 60 Hz, selected HDMI on goggles and no image

    My big question is are the goggles compatable with other equipment or am I doing something wrong. I do not want to return them if it is my doing something wrong.

    All help will really be appreciated

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    Have you tried setting the tablet to 720p before powering and connecting the goggles?
    Do the goggles work with other HDMI sources using the same cable?
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    I have found tablets and PC's/laptops to be pretty hit and miss if they work or not, usually it is the fault of the tablet that does not meet the required standard.
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    you can plug your goggles into your Tango.
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