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Thread: Fatshark HD3 & trinity module accessing problem at set-up menu

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    Fatshark HD3 & trinity module accessing problem at set-up menu

    Yesterday I received the trinity module
    But after plug into the goggle I was unable to enter on set-up menu, on normally usage all work like expected, if I push and hold HT button the system working, if I fast push system reset position, but I not hear any beep when pushing the button HT but if I push the channel button I can hear the beep ( I do this test to be sure the buzzer is working)
    On YouTube I find a video whit the right beeping sequence and if I try to enter on set-up menu by press and hold the HT button and quickly realise it when power on the goggle I able to set some parameter, but now for me is impossible to set all parameter
    Is a bug on HD3 firmware? Here by reading some topics I find some one have my same problem but I don't find a solution
    @ Fatshark is possible to replicate this problem?


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    Good news! find the problem!
    is on the cable connector, the part of the upper pcb, on there the 1 pin is connect to the buzer out of trinity module
    need to be pushed more in!

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