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Thread: Tbs crossfire rssi with pixhawk mav link and rc in simotaneously?

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    Tbs crossfire rssi with pixhawk mav link and rc in simotaneously?

    I have my pixhawk connected to my crossfire diversity rx via mavlink which gives me only 8 rc channels, my question is, could I sent rssi/LQ out ppm on ch 9 and then route it to the ch 2 pins and connect them to the rc in on pixhawk? That way channels 1 thru 8 work thru mavlink but I can still then use ch9 for rssi/lq. I'm hoping someone can give me the answers so I don't have to experiment... Also if that works then I could also use ch 10 thru 12 for accessories in the future..

    So so is it possible to use mavlink and use ch 1 thru 8 via rc over mavlink, but then still use ch 9 thru 12 at all? Or at least use 1 channel to inject rssi into the pixhawk rc in? Or would that confuse pixhawk? Or are channels above ch 8 just dead when mavlink is selected? I understand only 8 ch can go thru mavlink because of its limitations, but does crossfire still alloch 9 thru 12 to be used via its physical outputs? I'm going to experiment either way, but any advice is always nice...

    thanks guys

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    Might a bit to late- channel 8 isbthr highest channel transmitted by rcovermavlink.
    The other channels could be injected by sbus(just set the other output to sbus) or used a real pem outputs on the receiver

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