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Thread: Tiny OSD III

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    Tiny OSD III

    Firmware 2.9
    Wired according to the manual.
    The Camera/Vtx is getting power through the Balancer on the flight battery (2200 25c) (Plane is pulling a max of 10 amps)
    Camera Runcam Swift Mini
    VTX : Eachine TX801

    When I apply throttle the OSD info starts to flicker and as I apply more throttle it disappears totally, and I get interference on the video.
    When I throttle back the osd info comes back (Sometimes it does not).
    If no Throttle then the video image and OSD is solid.

    When I leave out the OSD and power the camera and vtx through the Balancer, there is no interference at all - it's rock solid.

    Any suggestions?
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    Could it be a power problem?
    It's in a ZOHD Nano talon with a 30 amp ESC/ 1 amp BEC.

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    I'm a little late to the party here, but yes, it's probably a power problem. I had the same thing happen on a 450 heli that I set up for fpv. Turned out that the bec was inadequate.

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