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Thread: Brushless gimbals still in style?

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    Brushless gimbals still in style?

    I have been in and out of the hobby for a while now but I wish to get into aerial video/photography now that I have a job and finished college. I am designing a 500mm sized quad to carry a GoPro around and the last time I built a quad was in the KK2.1.5 days. Things have changed a lot since then - with the PPM's, CPPM's, Sbus's, Oneshot, Dshot, betaflight, cleanflight, baseflight, kissflight, and this and that flight/shot/bus so I have a lot to catch up on . Not to mention the FAA being involved now!

    I wish to install a Brushless gimbal on my new quad and remember them being fairly inexpensive when the DIY crowd conjured them up a few years ago. I am looking now and they seem to be in the $300+ range and I don't seem to be able to find the gimbal controllers/motor controllers separate like they used to be. I found a few sub $100 models on hobbyking and amazon but I question their build quality but I can't spend more on a gimbal than the camera costs. Are these gimbals still in style or are they starting to fade? Do modern flight controllers even support gimbals? I know the KK2.1.5 had a feature that let you do this but I don't think it was a popular setup back then.

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    I have used a standalone 32bit AlexMos board which works well, you can then assign extra channel inputs to it to move the Gimbal via the remote. I would go a genuine one as the clone ones do not support firmware updates.


    I use that one.
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