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Thread: What's the best antenna for 5.8 VTX

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    What's the best antenna for 5.8 VTX


    What's the best antenna for 5.8 VTX

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    I depends on your VRX antenna. If this one is circular polarised then your VTX should be the same. In that case a pagoda, cloverleaf or similar is good. The difference between them are not huge but do not get the really cheap chinese versions. But Eachine and others makes good antennas. Immersion are god. A lot of good choices.

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    Depends who you ask. But I hear the newer styles like the VAS Triumph and Strixx Hoot are pretty nice. Same with the Pagoda. They're all around 10-15 bucks, and pretty solid construction. I'll be giving the Strixx Hoot and VAS Ion a try this spring.

    Is it for a quad/plane? Acrobatic? or longer range cruising/penetration/behind trees?

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    I've had really good luck with the new VAS Minion antenna.

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    I like the VAS antennas, their performance is excellent and works really well.
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    Lumenier Pagoda 2 has outperformed Bluebeam, Spironet, and any of my "clover style" antennas. I have heard VAS's Ion antenna is pretty good but haven't tried it personally.

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