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Thread: Fatshark 3.5mm cable??

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    Fatshark 3.5mm cable??

    Okay, got something weird going on.
    I am setting up my ground station (Eagle Eyes) for use with my Fatshark HD3 googles.
    If I go directly from my external receiver to my Fatsharks using the RCA to 3.5mm cable I get image without issue. So, I needed to purchase a longer RCA to 3.5mm cable to go from my Eagle Eyes to the googles; tested new cable no luck. So I tried directly from receiver to my googles, no luck. I then slightly pulled the cable (at the google end) and the image appears. Is there something special about the factory Fatshark RCA to 3.5mm cable?

    Any ideas?

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    Problem solved. I simply plugged in white for video, instead of yellow - works without issue. Assume Fatshark chose to not follow industry standard with their pin out.

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