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Thread: Skyhunter bench top test: 5.8ghz video perfect, 1.3ghz black

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    Skyhunter bench top test: 5.8ghz video perfect, 1.3ghz black

    In the final stages of bench top testing before installation in fuselage: DX6, Rlink LRS, Vector, Swift Micro 2. Everything connected, with a 5.8 ghz Immersion RC VTX and goggles, it all works great! OSD and video clear and all vector setups complete.

    Now the issue, I have been using the 5.8ghz for assembly since I didn't have my 1.3 VRX yet. As I hope to go longer distances, a 1.3 ghz 800mw VTX from VAS will be used, along with a 1.3ghz receiver. When I unplug the 5.8 VTX and connect the 1.3, the monitor goes black. No OSD, no camera picture but I do have Vector audio warnings coming through. In this situation, if I unplug the camera, the OSD will now display on the black screen and audio continues, never have seen a picture properly on the 1.3.

    I know I have a good camera because of the 5.8 working. I know I have vector audio from the warnings. I know without the camera the OSD displays properly without the camera plugged in to the vector. I just don't know why the screen blacks out on 1.3ghz system when the camera is added to the mix.

    I have two 1.3 VRX, so I tried each one individually, same result. I have matching CP antennas from VAS installed. Lens covers are off

    Once again I ask for guidance

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    Decided to re-wire and solder the video lead from VTX to servo plug. Now it works as it should! As is usually the case, the most obvious issue; no video but receiving audio, pointed to the video signal. Maybe I will learn to start with the obvious and move to the obscure next time.

    Thanks for the responses, I appreciate the RC community for the help you provide.

    Now I may proceed with mounting electronics and gluing up the Skyhunter fuselage!!


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