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Thread: Skyhunter bench top test: 5.8ghz video perfect, 1.3ghz black

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    Skyhunter bench top test: 5.8ghz video perfect, 1.3ghz black

    In the final stages of bench top testing before installation in fuselage: DX6, Rlink LRS, Vector, Swift Micro 2. Everything connected, with a 5.8 ghz Immersion RC VTX and goggles, it all works great! OSD and video clear and all vector setups complete.

    Now the issue, I have been using the 5.8ghz for assembly since I didn't have my 1.3 VRX yet. As I hope to go longer distances, a 1.3 ghz 800mw VTX from VAS will be used, along with a 1.3ghz receiver. When I unplug the 5.8 VTX and connect the 1.3, the monitor goes black. No OSD, no camera picture but I do have Vector audio warnings coming through. In this situation, if I unplug the camera, the OSD will now display on the black screen and audio continues, never have seen a picture properly on the 1.3.

    I know I have a good camera because of the 5.8 working. I know I have vector audio from the warnings. I know without the camera the OSD displays properly without the camera plugged in to the vector. I just don't know why the screen blacks out on 1.3ghz system when the camera is added to the mix.

    I have two 1.3 VRX, so I tried each one individually, same result. I have matching CP antennas from VAS installed. Lens covers are off

    Once again I ask for guidance

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    IMHO don,t see it a ezuhf issue, but more so a Vector. If you indeed only changed the VTX out and left your camera plugged up since they are generic, the issue must be with the 1.3 VTX. Verify what voltage you are using on the Vector with the camera and VTX are what the VTX calls for. Some run <=6v and some >6volts. You can run 6v or 12v depending on how you have the red and white cables plugged up. Also, verify the VTX works by using it standalone outside of the Vector e.g. plug camera into Vtx. Verify that the PWR, GRND, SGNL pins all match between the 5.8 VTX and 1.3VTX as to what the Vector is requiring. Good luck.

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