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Thread: Skylark AAT with clear view receiver

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    Skylark AAT with clear view receiver


    Is it possible that the clear view receiver (1.3ghz version is filtering the AAT signal on the audio channel ? I can make the AAT work with lowmate reciever but not with the clear view receiver. When connecting headphones to the A/V out on the lawmate receiver I can clearly hear the signal on the audio channel but when doing the same with the clear view I can not hear any signal on the audio.

    Thank you

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    As far as I know, it will only currently work with a couple of VTX. It should work with the Fatshark vtx, the Lawmate vtx and presumably the Iftron vtx. If you are using any of the common 1.3vtx that are sold most places with the digital display and push button it won't work.The issue is that the audio carrier frequency of those vtx does not match the Clearview receiver. Audio incompatibility and issues was one of the reasons I has asked a while back if Skylark ever planned to encode the telemetry in the video similar to mfd or eagle tree.
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