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Thread: Ezuhf RX 8CH Diversity dead or close to it?

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    Ezuhf RX 8CH Diversity dead or close to it?


    I am building a SkyHunter 1800mm and am in the process of bench testing the electronics. I have struggled with the Ezuhf equipment but have made progress, until now. First let me list my gear: DX6 (next gen), Ezuhf w/8ch diversity rx, Eagle Tree Vector flight controller, all new condition.

    I have read the manuals for all, and have been trolling the usual forums and videos picking up great information but am now lost. I have the 1.42 version of the Immersion Tool and have 1.53 version of software installed on the RX and TX, matching ID codes, freq 433-435 MHz, RX set up for PPM with the Vector.

    I eventually got everything talking to each other, and fully configured the Vector RX wizard, assigning all channels and switches to functions for the flight controller, I thought I was home free! But now I have had several cases where the RX is just dead, no led at all. I have tried it connected to everything like it was working the previous day, separated with 5v power, USB only, bind button pushed and not pushed for power up etc, every way I could think of. No led. Not recognized in Immersion update tools. I just keep messing with it until somehow it comes back to life, although currently dark and dead.

    A couple of times the RX led will come on solid (continuously) and not function at all. I am having a hard time diagnosing when and why this keeps happening, and how I can recover it. Obviously I am hesitant to continue the build with this gear as a solid control system is fundamental to preserving my $$$$$$ first FPV craft.

    Where should I go now?

    Frozen in Wisconsin

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    That sounds like a broken rx. If it is still under warranty you can have your retailer send it in. If it is out of warranty you can email repairs@immersionrc.com and the can repair it for you for a small fee.

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    you can buy a new one from http://www.antigravitysports.com/sto...duct&id_lang=1 jeez you cant beat the price!!!! cheaper than shipping in for repairs, and back, and its new!! ive ordered from here several times. trouble free with great shipping
    flyin HIGH

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