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Thread: Tuning confusion. Jerky flight. A little help please?

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    Tuning confusion. Jerky flight. A little help please?

    Hi all.
    I have been flying an IRC Vortex 285 on and off for a while but I've always struggled with flying smoothly.

    I started off just using the IRC presets and began adjusting the rate and expo to speed up flips and rolls but I still struggle to fly around corners smoothly and I can't follow a track at all.

    So my questions are: Do I adjust the PIDs or expo and rates to increase my level of control?

    What is the difference between tuning PIDs versus expos and rates?

    For instance, I find it hard to control the throttle enough for a smooth landing. Do I adjust throttle expo only to help here? Do I just keep changing values until I'm comfortable with the throttle response or is there a method to follow?

    I also find that rather than flying smoothly into a corner I fly in jerks of movements. Yaw left a little, yaw left a little, pitch up a little, yaw left a little and so on. But it's not a smooth entry nor exit. Do I adjust PIDs here?

    I guess I'm confused because I don't understand tuning. The IRC presets should fly well (and I trust they do) but I'm still a jerky pilot.

    Thanks for your help.
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