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Thread: Recording FPV audio.

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    Recording FPV audio.

    Hi guys,

    I've got my FPV system set up and running with an Eachine LCD5802D DVR monitor. The DVR successfully records my flights with the DJIMiniOSD displayed onto microSD, but I now want to get the flights recording audio, just like in this video:

    My current vtx doesn't have a built in microphone, it's the TBS 5.8 Unify V1, well I think it doesn't, so I'm looking to get one that has.

    I thought I could just cam switch over to the GoPro and capture audio that way, but I want my recording to be displaying the OSD telemetry data, just like in the YouTube vid above.

    Also I'm unsure if my DVR monitor can even support recording audio, or if it needs to, as that's the only way I can think of capturing the recording with the OSD displayed.

    Hope anyone can figure out what is probably a very simple solution/setup

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