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Thread: Restrictions in Boston with a 200mW transmitter

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    Restrictions in Boston with a 200mW transmitter

    I'm looking into getting into FPV and wanted to buy a AOMWAY 700VTL camera with a 5.8G 200mW transmitter. I was watching a review on Youtube and they mentioned that there are restrictions on using that transmitter. This reviewer is in London and he said they are restricted to 25mW.

    Would anyone know if there are limits in the Boston Massachusetts area? I'll be using this on a boat so height and flying restrictions wont apply.

    Any other info, as far as legality issue, would be greatly appreciated.


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    Only a licensed ham operator can legally use 5.8 GHz above a minimal power level which is I think only 1mw for fm modulated video signal. Does not matter where you are in the USA.

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