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Thread: EZUHF & DX9

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    EZUHF & DX9

    I have to vent - trying to get this thing started has been one of the most miserable experiences since I started the hobby. After 4 hours of going through the instructions and nearly 20 videos, I've gotten nowhere. I don't even know if this thing is bound or not, or where I'm supposed to start - there's no linear process out there, just bits of info here and there.
    For starters, what settings do I need on the DX9 to communicate with the transmitter?
    How do I know if the Transmitter and receiver are bound? I managed to update the firmware and make it equal between the TX and RX, and running the tool said they are bound, but I have no way to confirm that this thing is working because the servos won't react to any transmitter input, so I don't know if it's not bound properly or the transmitter isn't set up right or I have a defective setup or what.
    Also, is this thing powered just like any other receiver, by hooking up the aircraft's ESC to it? If so, it doesn't have any indicator lights to show that it's powered on, just like they indicate a USB connection.
    How does the transmitter or receiver acknowledge being bound? Is it supposed to beep or something or do I just switch both on and they're ready to go, provided they're already set up.

    Binding instructions discrepancy (from the manual)
    2) Connect the EzUHF Tx to the R/C Transmitter, switch to low power mode, hold down the pushbutton, and turn on the radio.
    -Except as soon as you connect to the R/C transmitter, it bypasses the switch and powers the RC transmitter on anyway, so am I doing something wrong or am I supposed to turn the switch on even though it's already powered on?

    Is there a tutorial of how to get this thing at least started? A phone number I can call? At first I was excited to get this project started, but now I'm just trying to avoid the outcome of having wasted my money. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    just bind everything through IRC tools. what rx are you using? I know my 8ch div and 8chlite rx's have a red light that blinks a heartbeat type flash indicating a bound tx and rx.
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    I'm using same 8 channel diversity.
    As of 30 seconds ago, I finally got it to bind.

    Thanks for the reply.

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