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Thread: Help Vortex 250 pro throttle problem

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    Help Vortex 250 pro throttle problem

    Hi i bought myself a “Vortex 250 pro ummagawd” for Christmas and it is having an issue. I haven’t flown it or put props on it yet because of this issue. The problem is when I “arm” the quad by putting the throttle stick down and to the right, it spins the motors very fast, not normal, and the throttle won’t do anything whatsoever but the roll, pitch, and yaw work, but throttle won’t do anything. Also while it does that it makes a wierd beeping tone over and over. I successfully bound the drone to my spektrum DX6i using a spektrum DSMX quad race receiver so that’s not a problem, I got through the set up wizard fine, and have tried doing it again and it all works fine but every time I’m done and I test it when the quad arms the engines just spool up and they throttle won’t do anything until it’s disarmed, please let me know if this is fixable or if I need to replace it, it is brand new out of the box.Thanks

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    Air mode could be active, with this on and no props your motors will spool up to full throttle over a few seconds. The beeping may just be a buzzer which isn't configured, if you have control of any axis then it's bound. Put some props on it and take it outside, check your failsafe works first, set it down and step well back. Arm and see what happens.

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    As above, could be due to air mode. It can panic sometimes with no props.
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