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Thread: Tramp HV INT not transmitting

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    Unhappy Tramp HV INT not transmitting


    I've bought 3 more tramps for my new quads.
    But when testing them on my working set with the working tramp, all three not transmitting. All are 2016.12 batch.
    Led blinks correctly and setting are changeable with one button and LUA-scripts. But there is no transmitting, white noise in my goggles.

    The working tramp is also 2016.12 and there is video transmitting.

    Any advices what I'm missing or forgot something? I have two working tramps on other quads.

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    I don't believe all 3 would be bad. Then it as to be something in your settings. Can you just hook it up to a camera and use the push button to set the channel?

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    I have 2 Tramp HV VTX and they both are experiencing the exact same problem. They both do not transmit video. The light turns on when I apply power to the unit. The TNR can read what frequency they are transmitting. The TNR can change the frequency. I have performed the Emergency Unlock procedure. The unit seems to do everything except transmit. I have flown with the unit about 4 times and it work properly. But now the Tramp HV no longer transmits.

    I have read the user manual several times and I can't figure out how to solve this problem.

    Please let me know what to try next.

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