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Thread: New to this FPV Stuff. Looking for advice and/or a unit

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    New to this FPV Stuff. Looking for advice and/or a unit


    I'm getting into this stuff. Just bought a Spark by DJI. Woule love to dip into this FPV racing stuff. I dont have anyone local near me to train or learn from. So I'll have to do it on my own. But there are some things that I am looking for.

    Advice on YouTubers to watch
    An already built used unit or a new unit with parts list to make my own. I'm good with my hands, learn quick and hella dedicated(probably due from my military days).
    I dont really have a budget(cuz once I get into something, i over spend anyways) but im looking at sticking around 500 or less on the actual quadcopter.

    I may not know what questions to ask just yet. So beat me up and call me whatever(been called worse)

    Thanks in advance!

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    I've been running liftoff, velocidrone simulator, and Drone Racing League on my PC. I'm liking liftoff quite a bit, as I am feeding it to my goggles via HDMI. Liftoff has the drone I'm planning to buy, and the HUD. I use the wireless adapter for spektrum transmitters, as I foolishly bought one before researching what's good now. I also fly a little inductrix fpv around the living room sometimes. Feel like I'm getting more confidant every day.
    are my cheap goggles. I kind of like them so far.

    The inductrix fpv is under $80 for the bind and fly, and tiny whoop is a class of racing.

    Knowing what I know now. I don't regret the specktrum transmitter, it's nice to be able to snag horizion hobby stuff that is bind and fly. that said, to use it with a simulator, the wireless adapter is required.
    It really makes it easier to use simulators with the transmitter you use.

    In no way take that as an endorsement for specktrum. It's just what I'm using. I know the frsky x9d is the transmitter of choice of the masses, and it has a USB on it. So you can just plug straight into the computer.

    Hope that helps.
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