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Thread: Solar RC Planes Project

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    Quote Originally Posted by airtruksrus View Post

    use the page link on the computer when using the insert video icon.
    ipads and iPhones change the link so it is not useable with the embed function
    should look like this
    Hi Airtruksrus, thanks a lot for sharing. Cheers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by andretay View Post
    Hi Airtruksrus, thanks a lot for sharing. Cheers!
    No problem, good luck on the solar project. Keep up the progress, rather rewarding when it gets moving along and seeing progress.


    Airtruksrus Cockpit Ground Station Systems.
    Open for business:cool:
    Always under revision to make it better.

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    Hi, are you going to build a glider with minimal front area and long wingspan for high efficiency flight? The reason I am asking is that i see a regular plane on your sketch, and from my calculation on a plane like that with small wingspan especially if you are not getting the highest efficiency cells you might extend the flight only 10% compared to just batteries. We are also tackling a solar project and it's an exercise in compromise.

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