Hi Guys,

I's like to use the FPVision Setup for my Flying Wings. I am just not sure, if this is working in the way I'd like to have.
Currently I use an Omnibus F4 v3 in my Planes. A serial GPS (Ublox M8N) is connected, Navigation works, Home Arrow in the integrated Betafligh-OSD also works. A Micro v2 is connected by PWM1/2, working in CRSF Mode. The Crossfire TX shows the GPS Coordinates in it's little Display, very nice! Taranis Telemetry also works out of the Box.
If I connect the CF Micro TX by CRSF to a Colibri Board, and BST Bus to the FPVision, will I see the GPS Data (incl. Home Arrow and Home Distance) in the FPVision OSD? Or do I need a 2nd TBS OSD, also connected by BST? If not:
AFAIK, the UBlox M8N GPS supports both Serial and I2C Connection. Would it be a solution to connect the GPS UART to the Colibri FC, and the I2C to the FPVision?
I like to avoid 2 GPS Modules on my Wing. For me it's fine to use a TBS GPS, or the UBlox M8N, but both would be crazy.
And - any idea how the Flight Mode Display handles the iNav Modes like RTL, Launch Mode or AltH? Does this work?