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Thread: what motors can I use with a 6s battery on a racing quad?

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    Question what motors can I use with a 6s battery on a racing quad?

    I see people already flying 6s and even a world record guy with something like 145mph drone did it on 2206 emax motors rated on website for 4s.
    How did not he burn up the motors. I am not following 6s game. What motors can I use safely to put on my 210 quad for a 6s battery?
    I know on some ESCs it clearly says 4s-6s. But motors?

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    Most motors (not just miniquad) can be used with higher voltage as long as you don't exceed their max wattage, amps and RPM. Smaller then 2205 will probably need 4" props on 6s, for 2206 on 6s to be safer use lower pitch 5".
    Best thing is to do a test on a stand with a wattmeter- if you exceed amps and watts by 20-30% and motor not burning hot, you're good to go as in the air amps reduces (obviously dpending on flying style).
    Latest motors 2206 to 2407 size are absolutely fine on 6s, it's just I don't see a point in using 6s for casual flying or racing, there's more than enough speed to controll on 4s. But if you want to join the nutjobs like myself to pursue speed record, 6s or 8s is the way to go
    If you're a noob, copy 1:1 what somebody already flies without too much questions, you'll find the answers later.
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    thanks, yes.. ESC are in question too... seems like its easy to burn your motor or esc by using a wrong prop...
    as you say a bench test on like thrust station is a must before use or gotta look what other people already tried )

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