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Thread: Which OSD for Dragonlink ?

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    Which OSD for Dragonlink ?

    HI Guys !

    Had a great FPV flying day today, testing out the newly installed DL Slim and Micro receiver. Behaved well !!! Didn't want to push the limits on how far to go out, as I fly out in open corn fields, and did not want to unexpectedly lose it in the corn field. Believe me, I've lost a model in corn-bean fields many a time and it's no fun to walk the fields, looking for a downed plane.

    Anyways, getting back on topic. I'm thinking I need an OSD to tell me: RSSI, Distance, Altitude and Battery voltage. I would like to know these values when starting to fly further FPV. Knowing I have the Micro receiver, what do you suggest ? There are 2 available. The Pixhawk and the Advanced Nano Link Complete. Which do you suggest ? I'm flying the Skysurfer, so space is at a premium.

    Thanks alot


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    I use minim osd , it works great with Apm/ Pixhawk . I have the Dragonlink nano osd and I cannot get it to work and I think its because my Dragonlink TX isn't v2.8 .....but I can't update it because I dont have the update cable .

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