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Thread: Motor Winding up Faster and Faster

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    Motor Winding up Faster and Faster

    Yo what up! I recently bought a vortex 285 and have yet to fly it haha. I connected my turnigy evolution tx with the turnigy ia6c rx to the PPM connection and was able to complete the set up wizard. Once I armed the quad one of the motors began to wind up faster and faster even with all controls at zero. All other motors seemed to be functioning normally. Any help here would be much appreciated, thanks!

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    Hmm that's weird can you updating your osd and fc firmware with the latest from our website?

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    I had the same problem. But I guess when you set the quad on a surface it try's to maintain level an the vibration start throwing it off an makes the motor rev up.

    Have you tried taking it out an flying it to see what it does?

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    That's Airmode guys, c'mon, this has been addressed many, many, many times.
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