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Thread: Need equipment recommendations for very large FPV ground crawler

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    Question Need equipment recommendations for very large FPV ground crawler

    I want to set up long range FPV on my ground crawler that I'm piecing together. It's basically a heavily modded electric wheelchair. I bought a long range XBee Pro (900MHz) for control and comms, but FPV is where I'm stuck. I need to make it at least across the neighborhood I live in. The nice thing is I can mount antennas about 5 feet in the air if needed on the crawler and even higher at the receiving end. The only matter that needs resolving is which transmitter and receiver I should get and at what power and frequency. Also, what kind of VRx and VTx antennas I should get.

    I hear some are combining omnidirectional and directional antennas to extend range so that's one idea...

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    Maybe consider putting a laptop with one of those 4g receivers on it. You could control your ground crawler/see video through an internet connection.

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    The problem with that is I would have to pay for service and the possible lag that comes along with it.

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    1.2/1.3 ghz video should fit the bill. I had never seen those 900mhz parts you are using, they look interesting on the website.

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    Really the only option for ground FPV is 1.3 ghz. Depending on the size of your neighborhood it should be able to work, especially if paired with a pepperbox at the receiver.

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    Interested in seeing pictures and updates on the build.

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