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Thread: JJRC R1 Defenders Infrared Control Robot - RTR

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    JJRC R1 Defenders Infrared Control Robot - RTR

    JJRC R1 Defenders Infrared Control Robot - RTR

    Programmable Movement / Sliding Walking Dancing Mode / Missile Shooting

    Flash Sale Price $34.99

    10 Pieces left

    JJRC R1 Defenders is an incredible robot that can bring a lot of fun to you.

    It can walk and slide like a human, change between high / low speed, and turn up / down the volume.

    When it dances, there is amazing LED lighting and dynamic music.

    More interestingly, it can enter the Fighting Mode and use its arm to shoot missiles towards different directions.

    With the Auto Demonstration button, the robot can carry out a series of actions automatically.

    Walking and Sliding Mode for going forward / backward, turning left / right

    Fighting Mode - the missiles can be projected towards various directions in the air

    Auto Demonstration of a series of movements which have been programmed

    4.8V 700mAh NiCd battery offers up to 20 minutes' entertainment each time


    Power supply: 4.8V 700mAh NiCd battery

    Playing time: up to 20mins

    Charge time: 2.5 hours

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