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Thread: 450 build

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    450 build

    Hey guys new to quadcopter. Building a 450 flame wheel.
    Battery size?
    Is 900kv sufficient?
    20a or 30a ESCs?

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    Welcome to the Lab, there a many examples of 450 builds out there... what are your goals? FPV, HD video recording? I ask because this will help give you a good recommendation on what setup will suit you best. 900kV with a 4s battery in the 3000-4000mAh range will be OK for a light setup. If you are going to bog it down with FPV, OSD, HD camera, upgraded landing gear, a gimbal... then you will want something with a little more grunt.
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    Thank you for your educated response. My goal is to learn to fly and do some HD video and pics. Iíve flown fixed wing but this is my first venture in multi rotor. Iím using a cc3d controller for cost

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    Hi, did you build the FlameWheel?

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