Each quadcopter flight controller is good at only one flying style and there are three different type of flying style: Cinema Flying, Sport Flying and Autonomous Flying. There are massive amount of drone flight controller brands in the market,QWinOut APM, RMRC, KISS, CC3D, NAZE32, Hobbypower, MultiWii , Readytosky, DJI Naza, Vector, 3DR Pixhawk etc. All of them are always mentioned by pilots.
But which one you used now and is that the best?

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Let's take some example as below:

Sport Flying

The Lux flight controller: It is flexible because it runs the firmware known as CleanFlight. The Lux flight controller has a lot of hardware features that are needed to take advantage of CleanFlight, Betaflight and Raceflight.

The Naze32: It has a barometer system and is among the most popular in the market.

Autonomous flying

The 3DR Pixhawk: It is one of the best flight controllers in the market. It is best to use in autonomous flights. It has backup system supports all kinds of sensors and other different flight considerations.

Cinema Flying

The DJI NAZA-M V2: It is best to use if you want to do an aerial photography. The flight characteristics are smooth and easy to fly with. It best for cinematographers and good for beginners for you does not have to worry about flying perfectly in order to get the best shot.

The ArduPilot AMP: It supports GPS and autonomous flight and has more important sensors than in any ordinary flight controllers making it more expensive. It supports all kinds of sensors and has telemetry and flight logging capabilities.

As you see above, what do you think? If you have more experiences on flight controllers, please leave your comments on here.