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Thread: Wiring ESC without BEC, powering FC and Tx

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    Wiring ESC without BEC, powering FC and Tx

    Hi All, I am rebuilding my Alien 5" (it's been a while since any serious repairs/builds - not flying enough!). I have some racestar 30amp ESC but any previous ESCs I used have had a power wire connected also, these do not. Previously I would use one of the ESCs to power my FC and from that my Tx. I have a separate UBEC outputting 5v which, with these new ESCs, I aim to wire directly to the PDB and from there to the FC, pin1 (board is an F3 Evo). In my head this all seems fine but I have no spares and wanted to ask for any advice or problems anyone sees?

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    If by "Pin 1" you mean the + and - lines on the ESC 1 output, then yes that should be fine. Personally I would use the + and - lines of one of the ESC outputs that are not connected to an ESC (for example channel 7) so that the BEC negative lead does not share a hole with the ESC signal GND, making it easier to replace an ESC if required.

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