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Thread: Mavic Pro and a complete newb.

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    Mavic Pro and a complete newb.

    Hey guys whats up, I am from Indianapolis and getting into the FPV and aerial videography as well the aerial photography. I got started recently, by buying a small toy type quadcopter from a local store. It caused an infection that I have since purchased a DJI Mavic Pro to treat the infection with, so far so good! I know one of those guys in the splash page image and have a common other hobby of cars, he sent me to the website and being the computer using worker who knows how to maximize time spent.... I joined another forum.

    Well, I hope this place is better of than most of the forums through facebook!

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    Welcome to the Lab!!! Nice to see that you found your way over. Welcome to the revolution! You'll find that this place will have more than enough information to keep you happy. The current video thread should keep you busy as well.
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    the coolest site on the web man
    flyin HIGH

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    Welcome to the Lab!!!
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