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Thread: Power Supply Question

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    Power Supply Question

    Is a 2s (7.4 volts) 1300 mAh lipo enough power for a camera and 600 mw vtx immersion rc? I get no picture just static with my goggles.

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    Need you to explain setup. If you look up specs on the tx it will work on 2-6 cell batteries so it should be fine. You need to look up specs on camera. Then you need to see if freq on tx same as on your goggles.

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    As JCLs stated, a picture of your setup will help mucho, as well as what gear You're running.

    Many if of the older cams run on 12V, but the newer cams have a much more forgiving range of input V.

    Post pics, names, specs, as much info as you can and you'll likely get sorted.
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    Everything light up? Cam and vtx? Probably just need to check channels. Don't take for granted that your goggles on ch 21 means 21 on the vtx! Read the sheets that come with the gear and match them up with the correct ghz values. Hope this helps.

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    Thanks Chasse and all that replied. Got it sorted out. It was like you said Chasse goggles can be on ch 21 does not mean the 21 on the vtx is the same? Fooled around with dip switches on the vtx and got it to work with goggles. Really weird.

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    Your are right Chasse goggles and vtx don't always match up. Got it sorted out fooling with the dip switches on the vtx. Very weird. Thanks to all who replied.

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