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Thread: Vortex 285 Power Dammage

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    Vortex 285 Power Dammage

    Good morning.

    I have a vortex 285 and by mistake plugged a battery in with the Power and ground the incorrect way
    So (+) and (–) were swapped around on the battery by mistake.

    So the PCB is dead now……. Is there a fuse or component or something I can replace to fix ?
    Or do I need a new PDB ?

    I am located in South Africa so parts are not really available easily.

    Let me know your thoughts...


    Kevin Marcus
    073 4545 793

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    It could be something as simple as a current sensor, or a chain reaction that could have damaged other stuff like the Flight controller, or the ESC's. And most of the resistors, connectors, and sensors on the PDB are only available through bulk purchases. Your best bet would be to get a new PDB, or, post in the IRC Section of the form, and see if they will help you.

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    More than likely blew the current sensor (black square part with R001 on it) or a trace near it but probably also blew one or more of the esc's and possibly the vreg on the pdb for the rest of the parts. So like Silverarrow66 says you might be best off with a new pdb.

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